About Aiko

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My name *here* is Akihiko Yuuri, but you can call me Aiko🙂

Proudly Indonesian, nope i’m not a Japanese, 100% orang Indonesia tulen hehe

I’ve been living abroad for the past 5 years, 4 years in Malaysia during my undergraduate year  for BMC Public Relation and Event Management and now currently enrolled as a student in Newcastle University, majoring in MSc International Marketing.

Blogging is one of the best way to express myself and release every bit of thoughts that currently or perhaps crumbled inside my head.

I’m a proud Muslim, Hijabi, Traveller, International Student and a foodie🙂

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Bagi yang mau hubungin saya langsung aja ke email baru khusus untuk blog ini, akihikoyuuri@gmail.com 

Enjoy  and oh, nice to meet you🙂

** Subscribe my Youtube channel: Amanda Pahlawan TV if you are interested to find out more about living in the UK as an International Students and travelling

97 thoughts on “About Aiko

  1. Hi Aiko salam kenal ya😀

    Iseng2 BW eh nyampe kesini, aku link ya blog mu. Kalo ada waktu main2 yah ke blog ku. Nice to know you😀

  2. greeting from Surabaya, Indonesia… searching searching nyari temen lawas yg namanya AIKo, eh kok “kejebak” di blog gambar tengkorak warnawarni punyanya Aiko yg bukan temen saya.. heehee… Tinggal di Malay?🙂 Salam kenal yah… ^^

    1. Hai Tantri🙂 Greetings from Malaysia

      Makasi ya udah nyasar ke blog aku hihi. Iyaa aku tinggal di Malay nih.

      Salam kenal juga😀 Langsung menuju TKP punya situ hehe

    1. Hai Atabelle,
      gak ada jepangnya aku Indonesia aselik hehe cuma krn suka aja sama nama itu :p salam kenal jg ya makasi lho udh berkunjung kemari

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